Step 1

Ensure you have tokens in the wallet that you will connect to IDEX.IDEX is a decentralized exchange — all deposits and withdrawals must come from and back to the wallet you use to interact with IDEX.

Make sure you have some ETH in your wallet — you need to pay the gas fee to deposit tokens or ETH to IDEX.

Step 2

Connect your wallet to IDEX through one of the four options: Private key, keystore file, MetaMask or Ledger.

Step 3

Once you have connected your wallet navigate to the “My Balances” page by clicking on “Balances” in the nav bar and then “Full Balances” from the dropdown.

Navigate to “My Balances”

Step 4

Review the Balances page.

  • The Asset column lists the symbol of an Ethereum asset.
  • Name is the name of the asset.
  • My Wallet Balance is the balance of the asset in your wallet and not deposited into the IDEX contract.
  • My IDEX Balance is the balance of the asset in your account inside of IDEX.
  • On Orders is the balance of the asset in open limit orders.
  • USD Value on IDEX is the USD value of that asset that you have deposited into IDEX.
  • Actions is the deposit or withdraw buttons.

Column names on “My Balances”

Step 5

To view your wallet balance (outside of IDEX), you must first query the blockchain. This can be done by clicking “Query All” or just “Query” on the asset you want to deposit. “Query All” scans your address for all assets IDEX supports, “Query” only scans for the specific asset. Balances outside of IDEX will not update if you do not query the blockchain, make sure to do this each time you want to deposit.

Use “Query All” to get all assets to show or “Query” for one asset only

Step 6

Once you have queried the blockchain and your balance in your wallet shows up you must click the “Deposit” button.

Step 7

After clicking deposit you will receive a pop up with an input field. In that field put the amount of the asset you would like to deposit. If you would like to deposit all that you have click “Send entire balance.” You must then chose the gas price you want to use from the slider. Once you have chosen the gas price click “Deposit.”

Step 8

After clicking deposit you will receive a confirmation popup. Review it and click “Confirm.”

Step 9

After clicking confirm you will receive another popup that informs you the deposit is processing, please be patient.

Step 10

If you go to the “Balances” →“Balance History” page you will see your pending deposit. Note: Ether deposits happen in one transaction. Token deposits require two transactions. The first transaction calls the asset contract and approves the transfer while the second transaction initiates the actual transfer.

Note: If you are using MetaMask or Ledger you will have to approve the second transaction. If you refresh IDEX while the first transaction is pending you may cause the app to miss the confirmation of the first deposit. Initiate the deposit again and it will resume with the second transaction.

Step 11

Once your deposit has finished you will receive a popup that informs you that it finished. You are now able to trade those assets!

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